The Army JROTC program was established at White Mountain Regional High School in September 1995 as part of the United States Army Cadet Command JROTC Expansion program.  The Army JROTC program at White Mountains Regional High School is one of only two Army JROTC programs in the entire state of New Hampshire. 
The JROTC program at the WMRHS began under the Leadership of Major (Retired) Timothy McKeever and Sergeant First Class (Retired) Rich Elliott.  In 1996, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Douglas Norvell took over as the Senior Army Instructor (SAI) replacing Major McKeever.  In 1997, Sergeant Major (Retired) Ann Miller replaced Sergeant First Class Elliott as the Army Instructor (AI).  From 2003 to 2004, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Robert Mollenario took over as the SAI replacing Lieutenant Colonel Norvell.  In 2005, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Darrel Gearhart assumed the position of Senior Army Instructor and currently runs the program.  In 2009, Sergeant Major Miller was replaced by Sergeant Major (Retired) Michael Bruno as the Army Instructor who is currently serving in the position.    
The mission of JROTC is to “Motivate young people to become better citizens.”  JROTC is a citizenship and character development course designed to instill values, confidence and discipline in high school students.  The core curriculum includes essential classes that focus on helping students succeed in high school and prepare them for life following graduation.  Some of the classes that are taught include communication skills, how to prepare a resume and write essays, how to prepare and deliver an effective presentation, leadership principles and practical leadership application, basic first aid, map reading and land navigation, financial planning, college preparation, democracy and the American system of government, and diversity. In addition to the basic core curriculum, JROTC encourages students to lead a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.  We emphasize team work as our key to success.  The JROTC program offers four optional team events that students can elect to participate in to encourage team building.  The teams include drill, rifle, Raider challenge, and the color guard.  Students spend a great amount of time planning, coordinating and carrying out community service projects.  We believe that it is our civic duty to give back to our community. 






Angela Bissonette
Todd Brisson
Andy Buteau
Briar Dingman
Sheldon Heselton
Stephanie Lauzon
Rita Levesque
Josh Packard
Virgina Sherwood
Ian Tenny
Edgar Valdez
Dan Wheeler
Billy Williams
Danielle Young
Tina Blanchette
Renee Chaliffoux
Regina Corrigan
Angela Currier
James Gardiner
James Hogue
Brian Matson
Brendon Quigley
Ben Rainault
John Tholl
Robert Allin
Aaron Brisson
Nick Bradford
Ryan Brewster
Carrieanne Champagne
David Chessman
Eric Crane
Shane Davis
James Fuller
Amy Hicks
Brian Ingerson
Catherine Lee
William Livengood
Kevin Meehan
Travis Morrisette
Jenn Poitras
John Quigley
Tony Young




Greg Brewer
Paul Chaifoux
Brandon Crapo
Ricky Frenette
Michael Grimard
Shaun Gross
Brain Hamel
Brian Meehan
Linda Plummer
Heather Wells
Kerry Brady
Christina Boutin
Matt Challinor
Nicole Currier
Chad Davidowiez
Wyane Elliot
Diana Gianbrenzo
Erin Holmes
Curtis Livengood
Kelli Lizak
Justin Kay
Jess Remick
Jenn Rexford
Megan Sanders
Corey StCyr
Dan Turaj
Desiree Demos
Krys Kenny
Chad Smith




Tom Dunn
Ellen Guy
Dan Kennley
Sid Walker
Josh Robinson
Shane Cloutier
Tia Keddy
Robert Stevens
Dan Gooden
Alyssa Keddy
Alex LaRoche
Will Lewis
Katherine Walker




Brandon Arita
CD Soliguren
Nate Pelchat
Rusty Wyatt
Derik Crowell
Spencer Dingman
Bridgett King
Greg Lasko (Profile)
Samantha Page
Chelsey Ramsdell
Raymond Elliott
John Johnson
James Ploss
Brian Poore
Joe Seeley
Zachary Szakmary (Profile)




Amelia Copson
Crystal Lane
Tyler Miller
Travis Snelling (Profile)
Dan Trudeau
Bonnie Wright
Nick Ballard
Marc Belanger
Brian Burke (Littleton)
Jeremy Brann (Groveton)
Zachary Brennon
Kevin Brewer
Randall Byers
Jon Doyle
Tyler Driscoll
Frederick Gonyer (Groveton)
Rene Johnson
Michael Kelly
Richard Ledoux III
Loran Locke (Groveton)
Nicholas Marble (Littleton)
Brodie Morancie
Alease Moses (Profile)
Jennifer Rexford
Ryan Scott
Peter Way
Rushton Westcott
Jacob Young
Nickolas Emmons (Profile)
Tonya Enman
Jason Farris
Tyler Grieve
Kasey Halliday
Randall Ledoux
Derek Marble (Littleton)
Erica Patterson
Suzanna Whittum
Zachary York (Lin-Wood)




Kyle Acito (Littleton)
Daniel Dobson
Chelsea Fitzgerald
Amber Johnson
Alex Rivers (Groveton)
Kyle Stanford (Groveton)
Amy Belanger
Christopher Crawford
Briana Perry
Taylor Cooney
Brian Holbrook (Groveton)
Joseph LaBrecque (Lin-Wood)
Jake Lewis (Littleton)
Jessica Harrington (Lin-Wood)
Jesse Ledoux (Littleton)
Taylor Burt (Groveton)
Joesph Dami
Cody Brownell
Coleton Hogan
Christopher Cass
Paul Gesel
Morgan Gilman
William Bash
Jarrett Blanchard
Jacob Hanlan
Benjamin Heimerl
Christopher Helms (Grovten)
Casey Henry
Kachina Horton
Cody Ingerson
Brieanna-Lyn McKeage
Garrett McMann
Scott Merritt
Donald Palmer (Littleton)




Tristan Champagne
Vinciet Rooden(Groveton)
Kelsey Tuck
Charlie Woodward
Braden Brown (Profile)
Adam Noyes
Gregory Spreadbury
Zachary Whipple (Profile)
Dillon Caron (Groveton)
Kyle Palmer (Lin-Wood)
Jacinda Cinelli
Jamie Morris
Brodeur Danley (Lin-Wood)
Amber Reynolds
Thomas Schmidt
Jacob Patneaude
Nicholas LaBerge (Groveton)
Keenan Monohan (Groveton)
Victoria Pellitier (Groveton)
Tucker Reynolds (Groveton)
Zackary Estes (Littleton)
Ivory Blanchette
Michael Mahabir
Benjamin Lewis (Groveton)
Chistopher MacDonald (Charter)
Mitchael Johnson

Nicholas Accardi
Donale Atlas
Mateo Bertholdt
Gabrielle Caouette (Groveton)
Hallie Chancy
Kamryn Danley
Brandun Dorr (Groveton)
Connor Duncan (Lin-Wood)
Hunter Govoni (Lin-Wood)
Rabecca Hucksoll (Littleton)
Marissa Person
Dakota Morris (Lin-Wood)
Donald (Robert) Randall
Remington Smith
Brieann Wallace (Groveton)
Jason Winchester (Littleton)
Michael Wolowski (Lin-Wood)