C/LTC Smith
The Battalion Commander is responsible for everything the battalion does. Some specific duties of the Battalion Commander are to supervise all cadets at all times and acts as a representative to the program for the school. The Battalion Commander works closely with the Executive Officer (XO), Deputy Commanding Officer (DCO), and the Command Sergeant Major (CSM) as well as the rest of the staff.
C/CPT Russo
The Executive Officer (XO) supervises, directs, and coordinates the Cadet Battalion Staff to prevent overlapping efforts and to ensure that the Commander’s desires are understood and achieved. The Cadet Battalion XO keeps the staff informed of the Commander’s policies and keeps the Cadet Battalion Commander informed of the status of projects assigned to the staff. The Cadet Battalion XO assumes command of the cadet battalion in the absence of the Cadet Battalion Commander.
Deputy Commanding Officer
The Deputy Commanding Officer (DCO) expands the Battalion Commander’s control in designated areas and function. The DCO’s specific duties vary depending on the needs and desires of the Battalion Commander. Typical duties may include Recruiting Operations, coordinating battalion social events and activities, assisting the Commander and S3 in supervising major training events, and conducting after action reviews.     
Special Projects Officer
C/CPL Randall
The SPO coordinates and maintains records on special projects as outlined by the cadet Battalion Commander, Battalion Executive Officer, and Instructor Staff.
Command Sergeant Major
C/CSM Wolowski
The Battalion Command Sergeant Major is the enlisted adviser to the Battalion Commander. As the senior enlisted member of the Cadet Corps, the Command Sergeant Major supervises the other non-commissioned officers (NCOs) of the battalion by managing class leaders and their responsibilities. The Command Sergeant Major also ensures the safety and well being of cadets while on class trips and JROTC functions.
S-1) Administrative Officer
C/CPT Wyman
The S-1 is the administrative assistant to the Battalion Commander. The Mission of the battalion S-1 keeps an up-to-date and well organized documentation of all of the battalion activities both on JUMS and on the events tracking sheet. The S-1 handles all of the paperwork for the battalion from promotion orders to attendance of all events. Therefore, knowledge of Excel as well as the online database, JUMS, is highly important for this staff position. 
S-2) Security Officer
C/SGT Raymond

The S-2 assists the Battalion Commander, and is responsible for all unit security inventory. They enforce the provision of security requirements for the cadet battalion.
S-3) Plans and Operations Officer
C/CPT Rose

The S-3 assists the Battalion Commander in preparation, conduct, and all training activities within the cadet battalion. Additionally, they keep the Battalion Commander advised of training within the battalion. The S-3 is also responsible for the Operations Orders associated with all JROTC trips.  
S-4) Supply and Logistics Officer
C/1LT Mackillop

S-4 is responsible for the maintenance, security, record keeping, and the issue and return of all Spartan Battalion property. The S-4 works with the S-2 to secure and inventory all equipment as well as half of the completion of JUMS (Uniforms, ect).
S-5) Public Affairs Officer
C/MSG Womble

The S-5 is the Public Affairs Officer. Their responsibility is to keep the public up-to-date on the events taking place within the unit. They're also responsible for the contact between the corps and the representatives of the student bodies, faculty, and local news media.
S-6) Automation Officer
C/PV2 Spanos
The S-6 is responsible for maintaining the Spartan Battalion website as well as maintaining electronics and several other communication related tasks.
S-7) Historian Officer
C/SGT Gould

The S-7 is the Historian for the JROTC Spartan Battalion. Their job is to keep track of current JROTC events and to produce a scrapbook containing pictures from the current school years activities.
S-8) Fundraising Officer
C/SFC Vashaw

The S-8 is responsible for keeping track of the fundraising each individual does in the corps over the course of the school year(s).