Color Guard
Color Guard Commander:
C/CPT Russo
The Color Guard team members are the ambassadors of the Spartan Battalion. They are the ones that are in the public eye the most at parades, sporting events as well as many important community events like town meetings. The Color Guard team also is the team that travels the most for competition from our own drill league competitions from Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire to the National Drill Competition held in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Drill Team Commander:
The Drill Team are the number one competing team to represent the Spartan Battalion. They are the ones who travel to Vermont and Maine to compete at other AJROTC schools. The Spartan Drill Team values precision and discipline; Drill Team involves armed and unarmed drill (also including our Color Guard). 
Sabre Team Commander:
C/LTC Smith
Sabre arche for special events such as Military Ball, Dining In, and End of Year Awards Ceremony.
Raider Team Commander(s):
C/LTC Smith and 1LT Mackillop
This is the most physically demanding of the teams. Raider Team members form a strong bond through peer motivation and working out together in preparation for team events. Each member is pushed to do their best and not to give up, even if the going gets tough. The team captain and co-captain are voted on by the entire team at the beginning of the Raider season.
Raiders compete against other teams by scoring as high as they can on an Army Physical Fitness Test(APFT), which includes two minutes of continuous push ups, two minutes of sit ups, and a two mile run.
After the two mile run. they complete a land-navigation course, build and cross a one-rope-bridge between to points, and take a written exam on JROTC-specific questions.

At the end of every competition the teams all form together and run a staggered 5k road march (approx 3.3 miles). There, everyone works together by supporting each other to complete the 5 kilometers as fast as possible.

Rifle Team
Rifle Team Commander:
C/CPT Rose
The Rifle team teaches skills in patience and concentration in an environment that students find engaging. In order to be safe, cadets are required to get a perfect score on a written safety test, and follow strict instructions from (ret)SGM Bruno. In order to do well, cadets must have the patience and concentration to line up a perfect shot.
Cadets are taken to the range in the school building where they shoot at targets with CO2 pellet rifles in the standing, kneeling, and prone positions. Their highest scores are added up to see if they pass scores required for the Marksman, Sharpshooter, and Expert badges.

Academic Team
Academic Team Commander:
C/MSG Womble

Team Members: 
C/MSG Womble
C/PV2 Spanos
C/CPL Randall
C/CPT Rose
Leadership Team
Leadership Team Commander:
C/SFC Vashaw
Team Members: 
c/SFC Vashaw
c/SGT Gould
c/SGT Nelson
c/CPL Blanchette